The Salon of the New Trend of Building

Palace of exhibitions, les Pins Maritimes, Algiers - Algeria
From 21th to 25th November 2013
 Monday, 22 July 2024 French English
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Why exhibit :

SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria can only assure you to also be granted and to reinforce your odds of success, on a particularly favorable market to business and investments in the sectors of new trends of building and construction.

Because :

Algeria, represent a vast market in full flight for the materials of building and construction, on which the local and foreign enterprises can extensively reinforce their presence.

This emergent country, with fast growth, is attracted by the creation, the quality and the knowledge of other countries.

You will participate in an Exhibition, The SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria, which confirmed its Relevance and its International Dimension since its 3rd edition, 6th edition of SIVA (Glass and aluminum). .

The 3rd edition of SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria generates flow of professionals of building and construction industry, implanted in 35 Wilayas (Provinces) of the 48 that counts the country, as well as many foreign.

You are assured by the availability and the reactivity of promoters. The availability and the reactivity of promoters have been valued good to excellent by 89% of visitors and 80% of exhibitors.

73% of Exhibitors in the SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria pronounced positively before the end of the Exhibition, on their involvement to the SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria 2013.

The SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria gives You the opportunity of :

To land new markets in north Africa. * The dimension of the Algerian market, by itself, is valued to $10.2 billions per year for the only sector of building and materials of construction.

Project of construction of :
- 1200.000 lodgings
- 500.000 academic educational areas
- 50.000 Areas of professional formation
- 2.000 school canteens
- 1.000 colleges
- 500 high schools
- 40 hospitals

To present and Valorize your products and innovations, to make discover or Reinforce your brand image to Useful visitors. * 89% of visitors are professionals with strong power of decision, 39,91% of them identified and/or concluded business during the SIVA BEST FIVE 2012.

Better Know the new Customer waitings and potential Partners.

To Inform you on tendencies and the advanced technological in the domain.

To Position your company and Define your Strategy on this market zone * in relation with the national and international Competition. * Algeria and the MENA zone present a high growth tendency and of a long length.

The SIVA BEST FIVE Algeria can be, in the universe of new trends in building and construction , your door of access to the business and in the national and international partnership on Algeria and the MENA zone. .

A big country in construction where the market of glass and aluminium materials presents a situation of long-term exponential growth.

A new industrial vision sustained by diverse facilitations and structurants projects to start up it.

This favorable environment will incite to closely observe this market and to take position there.

Your odds of success on this market will be validated by participating in the 3rd edition of the SIVA BEST FIVE ALGERIA 2013.



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