The Salon of the New Trend of Building

Palace of exhibitions, les Pins Maritimes, Algiers - Algeria
From 21th to 25th November 2013
 Monday, 22 July 2024 French English
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By visiting the SIVA BEST FIVE ALGERIA 2013, you have in addition, the opportunity :

First :

To approach and strengthen its relation with Managers of national and international companies of good name, Businessmen, Experts, People in charge of national and foreign institutions occurring in the diverse domains related of building and construction industry.

To notice the last innovations in the sectors of glass and aluminum, heating, ventilating, window, door and flooring.

To enrich your imagination and stimulate your creativity.


To better appreciate the competitive context and better position your company as a consequence.

To identify potential partners, suppliers, customers, commercial, financial and why not strategic partners.

To tie up robust commercial contacts and conclude business.


The SIVA BEST FIVE ALGERIA 2013 allows you to assist technical conferences on diverse themes of the sector of building and construction industry. .

:: Notice that the access to The SIVA BEST FIVE ALGERIA 2013 is exclusively dedicated to the professional visitors provided with invitation or of professional business card.



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